The Independent Qt® Tutorial

The Independent Qt Tutorial is an on-line book aiming to cover most topics involved in the process of developing professional quality Qt applications. The text is example driven, filled with lots of tips and has links to the official Qt documentation.

If you are interested in the latest version of Qt, version 4, you might be interested to know that I've written a book called the Foundations of Qt Development available from APress.

Table of Contents

  1. Qt, Loose Coupling and Event Driven Programming [ FR | IT ]
  2. The Qt Object Model [ FR | IT ]
  3. Qt Resources on the Internet [ FR | IT ]
  4. The Qt Tools [ FR | IT ]
  5. A Basic Qt Application [ FR | IT ]
  6. A Hand Made Qt Application [ FR | IT ]
  7. The Address Book [ FR | IT ]
  8. Files, Directories and Streams [ FR | IT ]
  9. XML [ FR | IT ]
  10. Input Validation [ FR | IT ]
  11. Qwt [ FR | IT ]
  12. The Canvas [ FR | IT ]
  13. Lists, Trees and Tables [ FR | IT ]
  14. OpenGL [ FR | IT ]
  15. Text and Internationalization
  16. Drag and drop

Italic chapter titles mark future chapters. Links between square brackets lead to translated versions of each chapter.


Intended Audience

The book has been written for the C++ programmer who is fairly new to Qt. Trolltech®, the company behind Qt, offers a great reference documentation and two great tutorials. This, The Independent Qt Tutorial, aims at providing even more tutorial information to complement the reference documentation.

Here follows some recommended links, there are more links in chapter three.


The table of contents of the French translation.

The table of contents of the Italian translation.

Off-line Version

The entire tutorial is available as an archive for downloading and off-line browsing. Get the current version!

There is also a french and and italian version ready for off-line reading. Visit the TOCs for each language to download their off-line version.



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