The Gt Toolkit
By Johan E. Thelin (

Gt is my cutie.


The Gt toolkit is a new object model supporting signals and slots, just as TrollTech's Qt. It will be available under LGPL license.

Gt is not intended as a competator to Qt, but rather as a way for me to be able to play with signals and slots freely. It will not be source compatible with Qt, nor provide the same functionality. Instead of meta objects it embedds the meta information into the actual objects using the meta information compiler.

Gt will have a Unix back end based on GTK, and a win32 back end based on MiniQt (and huge amounts of code that has not yet been written). It is my intention to automate the wrapping of GTK into a Gt shell fairly automated using a (huge pile) of scripts.

The current work is focused at getting the Gt Meta Information Compiler, gmic, to work. A first code download can be found below.

Currently it works with all tests that I have thrown at it, but there is still quite alot of manual work involved when compiling. This is the procedure:

  1. Run gmic on all header files that uses signals and slots. Name the output moc_<name-of-the-header>.cpp.
  2. Compile all your cpp files, including the ones that you just made.
  3. Link all objects with the object files found in the gt/src folder.


20040227gmic now produces working code
20031223First code release of the gmic


The source code of gt


Qt by Trolltech.

MiniQt by Sandro Sigala.

My private homepage.