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The Designer-IDE is a patched edition of the Qt Designer from Trolltech. The patch adds a build item and a run item to the project menu. Look at the screenshots below for an example. Please tell me what you think about this patch and your suggestions for making Designer even better!

Any non-linux-g++-users feeling like trying. I'm open to any patches - lets make this cross platform!

I've actually got a win32 version up and running with the non-commersial Qt 3 edition. I will get that patch on-line as soon as possible. I'm currently suffering from some hardware problems, but I'll sort it out.

There are number of oddities involved when using this software

The source can be downloaded from here (~1MB). Instructions are below:

  1. Untargzip.
  2. Enter the resulting directory, "src".
  3. Run "qmake && make".
  4. Enter the "app" directory and run "designer-ide".
  5. Choose an intelligent name for your project before attempting to build or run it - it will be saved.

A file containing the files changed from the qt-x11-free-3.3.2 distribution can be downloaded from here. I've never never joined this with the Qt source so if anyone tries, I'd love to hear about the results..