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What does that Pin Do?

The Arduino Shield List is a nice little collection of pin-outs for various Arduino shields. They’ve collected 280+ shields at the time of writing. For each shield, you will find a short summary alongside an illustration highlighting the used pins. … Continue reading

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Step-by-step: PCB-less Arduino

Over at the Arduino site, there is a page on building an Arduino clone on a breadboard. This trick can be further simplified by using the internal oscillator. You lose some speed, but also some complexity.

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Arduino Compatible Arm Cortex M4

Paul Stoffregen and PJRC has run a kickstarter campaign to fund the development of an Arduino-compatible device based on an Arm Cortex M4: The Teensy 3.0. The idea is to take the easy of programming an Arduino and the power … Continue reading

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Massimo from Arduino at TED

TED is a great series of conferences. The best speakers get to speak about their favorite subjects. All is recorded and provided on-line for free. At the last TEDGlobal event, Massimo Banzi, one of the architects of Arduino, spoke on … Continue reading

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Portable Electronics Lab

Built from an old laptop, sk7ca‘s portable electronics lab is quite impressive. It contains a generous breadboard area, an LCD display, a keypad, various inputs, outputs, sensors , gizmos and the now ubiquitous Arduino. What the video for a guided tour.

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When developing Arduino software, it is not always ideal having to rely on the cycle of life – code, compile, upload, test, alter, compile, upload, test, alter, comp… The Searduino project (Savannah page) provides an, albeit limited, simulation of an Arduino system. The … Continue reading

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Plotting Electronically

For just a few Euros, a basic plotting robot can be constructed. Based on two servos, an Arduino and a pen, it is hard to build a more simple construction than this. From the video, you can see that cheap … Continue reading

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Dance to the Beat

Tap to the beat of your favorite song on the switch, and the Arduino will learn and follow. As soon as the beats-per-minute has been calculated, a LED-array will start to animate to the beat. All this is implemented in … Continue reading

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Slot Car Racing

Racing slot cars can be fun, but knowing who’s fastest when requires precision measurement equipment. Enter, an Arduino-based lap timer. The timer detects the cars using an infrared beam and records the lap time. For each track, the best lap … Continue reading

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Mini-segway using Arduino

Using a small Arduino and a couple of sensors, a segway-like, self-balancing robot can be constructed. The most interesting part of the project is not the construction, but the utilities developed in the project. Using the Arduino2Lego library, Lego NXT … Continue reading

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